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Snapdragon 805 camera features: OptiZoom, Action Shot and Chroma Flash [videos]

Qualcomm has released three fresh videos to demo Snapdragon 805 camera features including OptiZoom, Action Shot and Chroma Flash. Check them out!
January 4, 2014

A few days ago a publication showed us some of the Snapdragon 805’s features in short video demos, and now it’s time to look at three new videos coming officially from Qualcomm to demo some of the camera features of the new flagship mobile processor, including OptiZoom, Action Shot and Chroma Flash.

With OptiZoom (video above), users will be able to lock an object that the phone’s camera will automatically zoom in, and adapt the zooming as the object moves around.

With Action Shot, the Snapdragon 805 processor can lock on an object and track it within the frame. Furthermore, the user can set up a line on the screen, and once the tracked object passes that line, the camera will automatically record video.

Finally, Chroma Flash will let users take two almost simultaneous pictures of an object, one with flash and one without flash. The processor will then combine the two images, offering a final image that has the “sharpness and clarity and bright color tones from a picture with the flash, coupled with the natural colors of a picture without a flash.”

The previous videos, recorded by Engadget, showed how Snapdragon 805-enabled devices will be able to let the user change the focus of pictures, and demoed 3D video output, graphics improvements and 4K video playback – check them out here!