Point, shoot and upload in one continuous motion.  This is how Android users are going to be taking, storing and sharing pictures with DropSnap, a new app that allows instant syncing of image files with the user’s cloud-hosted Dropbox account. There are a lot of available programs that perform photo or file synchronization for mobile devices but very few of them can actually do it automatically as soon as the image is captured. You don’t even need a PC. DropSnap sends that candid or precious moment straight from the Android phone to the cloud.

DropSnap is a creation of Chris Soyars, one of the developers of CyanogenMod (a free customized distribution of Android 2.3). Basic operation involves setting a folder for syncing, then as soon as a new photo is added; the program notifies the user that it is ready to upload. The app is free but with a $3.99 in-app purchase, the user gets the premium upgrade feature of making the syncing process completely automatic.

There are a variety of file synchronization settings such as choosing source and destination directories, or choosing between automatic or background syncing. There is also the option to sync with WiFi only. One should take note here that the speed of completing the upload is necessarily dependent on the data connection. The program does what it promises, but as with most relatively new apps, there are areas where it can improve on. One feature users will certainly welcome in upcoming versions is multiple folder support.

Ever since cameras have been put into mobile phones, people have found a hundred and one reasons to snap away. Now thanks to applications like DropSnap, Android users can rest easy knowing the photos they’re taking with their phones are simultaneously copied in a secure online file storage service.

Via androidpolice