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Smule's popular Magic Piano comes to Android

June 14, 2012

Smule, known for its Songify app that automatically turns speech into music, has released another one of its popular apps on Android.

Magic Piano is very popular on iOS and Smule reckons it has over 13 million players on that platform. Now it is the turn of Android users all over the world to start making magical music! The concept of Magic Piano is simple – players tap on beams of light to create happy melodies.

There are two main modes. The main mode, simply known as PLAY, gives players access to hundreds of songs which are converted into falling beams of light. Hitting the light plays the right note, similar to Tap Tap Revenge. The hit zone is quite forgiving and tapping anywhere near the light beam’s point produces the right note. But go too far to the left or right and the pitch soon changes. Also the speed of the song is dictated by the player. Tap quicker and the tempo will increase.

The other mode is SOLO where you have a free hand to play the light beam piano to your heart’s content. You can also change the style of the piano and show a more traditional piano keyboard in a variety of styles including a swirl! I am no musical expert, but the SOLO mode can be quite difficult on a small screen.

But the real fun is back in the PLAY mode. Tapping out those tunes can be quite addictive but be warned… Smule offers some songs for free but the majority of the songs need to be bought using Smoola – the in-game currency. You can get some Smoola for free, but if you want real credit it will cost you real money. 200 Smoola costs $2.99 and lets you buy two or three songs (depending on their popularity).

There are a couple of caveats for the Android version of Magic Piano. First, although the iOS version and the Android version look very similar, internally they are different beasts. This means that while you can use your existing iOS Smule account, songs and Smoola are not shared between iOS and Android. Secondly, Smule has limited which devices are allowed to install the app due to known problems. In particular Smule aren’t offering the app for the Samsung Galaxy S II due to “audio bugs in the phone itself” that take away from the magic!

Did you ever played Magic Piano or Smule’s other games?