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SMS Flash: App for viewing incoming SMS even in full screen mode

May 25, 2012

One of the greatest things about having an Android phone its ability to display messages, like popups, anywhere on your phone. Everything goes according to our expectations except for one thing: pop-ups don’t work when you’re playing games or using apps in full-screen.

That results in not being able to view messages when you’re concentrating on your game and that’s annoying. But, here’s the good news: Android developers have heard your problems and that’s where SMS Flash comes into the picture.

SMS Flash is a simple app that will display incoming messages as soon as it reaches your phone, whether you’re playing a game or using an app in full screen, without disturbing you. You do not need to stop whatever you’re doing just to see your new message, which makes it very convenient.

What’s really nice about having this app is you can specify a blacklist, allowing you to add contacts whose messages you don’t want to see on the fly. You can also personalize and customize your SMS notifications, from transparency level to tile behind the message. You can also change the the color of the tile, and adjust its opacity level. You can also put photos for each of your contacts so you can identify quickly the person that sent the message.

SMS Flash also lets you switch the blacklist into a whitelist, which functions as the opposite of the blacklist. Where a blacklist restricts which messages won’t be shown on the fly, the white list lets the user determine only whose messages get shown while the user is using apps in full screen.

Setting the display duration of the message is possible in SMS Flash for up to 12 seconds.  Extending the duration of the message can especially be handy when you’re reading longer messages or when you’re just reading a special message from special someone and you just can’t get over it.  You can also choose which particular area of the screen you’d like the pop-up to appear in.

Going deeper into the app, you can find very useful features like enabling password-protection in which only the owner of the Android device can see the message. It’s very useful for people who want their privacy on their Android devices.

There is also an option to avail of the app’s proximity sensor controls.  The app allows you to dismiss messages by touching the proximity sensor once.  Or, you can extend the message’s display time beyond the set limit simply by touching and holding the proximity sensor.  Or, you can quickly switch to the reply box by touching the proximity sensor twice.

You can personalize your SMS Notifications, from putting an image of the message senders and their message, to displaying only the name of the sender and their message or only displaying the sender’s name and message.

With SMS Flash, you can fully enjoy your device’s full screen view when you’re using apps without being annoyed by the messages that come into your device. You can download SMS Flash free from the Google Play Store for free.