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Smash Hit arrives for Android, game's main objective is to shatter glass

Smash Hit is the latest game from the makers of Granny Smith and Sprinkle. The game is very casual and has a simple plot: you're in a room, and you get to break things. Read on to learn more!
March 7, 2014

Ever had one of those days where you really want to hit something, or rather, you want to completely smash it into pieces? We’ve all been there. Instead of taking it out on that glass coffee table, however, you might want to turn your attention to Smash Hit.

Smash Hit is the latest game from the makers of Granny Smith and Sprinkle, but instead of bringing us cartoony graphics and quirky storylines, Smash Hit’s premise is very simple: you are placed in various rooms where your goal is to destroy all the glass in sight by launching balls at them.

The game is basically one part physics game and one part rail shooter, and while it sounds fairly basic, it is also very addicting and gets more challenging as you progress. To further immerse you in the casual smash-everything experience, there’s also compelling music and audio effects that sync everything together.

The free version of Smash Hit is available for download right now from Google Play. For those that want to save progress via check-points and access your save files on any device through the cloud, there is also a premium version that can be unlocked for $2.