The HTC One X is arguably one of the best Android phones in town, rivaling the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of performance and features.  Although the Galaxy S3 is racking up some applause from the community, the One X is still a remarkable device that shouldn’t be left in the dust. If you’re an owner of HTC’s flagship quad-core phone, then you might have noticed a tiny problem: it shuts down its data connections during the night.

Many HTC users from various parts of the world have reported that their new HTC handsets were affected by the said dilemma. Users who have HTC phones running Sense 4.0 are the ones commonly affected by the bug as their Wi-Fi and data connections automatically shut down from midnight until 7:00 A.M.  Once the screen is off for over 20 minutes, the “data connection of death” starts to kick in. While it may not be a serious problem to some owners, this could also mean that if you’re not yet in bed after midnight, you might not receive any push notifications.

HTC has already explained its side of the story and called the bug a power-saving feature intended to save the device’s battery from the steady and sure drain through receiving data at night. But, for some users who work night shifts, this is certainly a huge problem.

However, it turns out that this issue can be corrected by simply switching off the SmartSync feature, which can be done by an application just released on the Google Play Store. Thanks to the guys at XDA Developers, the application known as SmartSync Disabler can switch off that annoying “data connection of death” once installed.

SmartSync Disabler has been tried numerous times by users and the results were quite positive, with many users praising the application for being easy to use and providing a quick and painless patch for the unwanted bug.

SmartSync Disabler can be downloaded at the Google Play Store without your having to spend for anything. The application is free of charge and it is the best thing that you can do to fix your phone.

The SmartSync Disabler app is a straightforward application. When you first launch the app, you will be shown the main screen with the settings for you to configure. There is also a handy tutorial to learn more about how SmartSync Disabler works. If you want to disable the bug, you can simply check the Disable SmartSync option and you’re good to go. After which, you just need to reboot your device for the patch to work.

SmartSync Disabler is truly a life saver, and if you are generous, you can always donate to the developer by purchasing the donate version. If you are still struggling to find a solution for your HTC One X’s “data connection of death,” our only advice to you is that you download this app right away and let it do its job.

SmartSync Disabler is absolutely free of charge and you can download from the Google Play Store.

Does your phone use the SmartSync bug feature?  Do you find it annoying?  What can you say about the SmartSync Disabler app?  Let us know your thoughts.