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Smartphones beat feature phones in Q1 2013 sales

Smartphone sales surpassed feature phone sales in this year's first quarter, which constitutes an industry first, according to the IDC Tracker.
April 26, 2013
smartphone sales

Smartphone sales have surpassed those of feature phones for the first time ever in this year’s first quarter, according to IDC.

Out of the 418.6 million total phones shipped worldwide in this Q1 2013, no less than 216.2 million were smartphones, accounting for 51.6 percent of the total number.

The fact that smartphones are currently “displacing feature phones,” as Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobile Phone team says, is not surprising considering the way the percentage and number of shipped smartphones has grown recently (with Android playing a pretty significant part).

For example, during last year’s first quarter, the total number of phones shipped was 402.4 million, out of which the number of smartphones was 152.7 million, accounting for 37.9 percent. As for last year’s fourth quarter, the total number of phones shipped was larger than in Q1 2013, getting to 483.2 million, with smartphones accounting for 47.1 percent or 227.8 million units.

As for manufacturers leading the smartphone market, Samsung is in the top position followed by Apple and LG, but you can find out more about the IDC and Strategy Analytics smartphone share data here.