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Genius criminal: Smartphone thief calls cops because victim is following her

Clearly not a mastermind criminal, an alleged phone thief became alarmed that her victim was following her and so she called 911. Yes, really.
August 13, 2014

We’ve seen some pretty crazy situations involving smartphones in the past, including a man getting his hand stuck in a toilet trying to retrieve it, or someone getting into a sickle-vs-gun fight only to be saved by their Galaxy phablet — but today’s story takes the cake. What makes today’s story so special is it involves alleged stalking, thievery and, of course, crack. Doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

According to a report from Komo News, a man was sleeping on a bus next to a woman and her boyfriend. When he woke up, his phone was gone and the woman says he started to accuse her of stealing the device. The man says he wasn’t actually asleep, and was listening to music with his eyes closed — half-drifting off — when the music stopped suddenly. The man claims when he looked up he saw the woman and her boyfriend holding his phone.

Here’s where the story gets crazy. When the man continued to accuse them of stealing the device, the couple started kicking at him and ran off the bus. The man followed them in pursuit of the phone, and the woman ended up calling 911. When the Seattle police arrived, the woman continued to claim he was stalking them and that she didn’t take the phone. That is, until they noticed the phone-shaped bulge in her pocket, which turned out to be the stolen phone in question. The woman was arrested and taken to King Country jail for the robbery, as well as for packing three grams of crack.

The morale of the story? Don’t steal phones. Oh, and kids, don’t do drugs either.