Now here’s a chance to play with your smartphone using a real ball, Wii-style, with Physical Apps’ latest development, TheO. Unveiled at the Toy Fair 2012 in New York, TheO is a smartphone accessory that is the size of a soccer-ball which allows users to play smartphone games physically. Do not be fooled by its soft foam structure—according to Physical Apps, your hardware is safe with the durable device, but water is its primary weakness.

In one of its sides, TheO has a slot for your devices which can fit up to 4.0-inch phones; meaning, devices with large screens like HTC Sensation and Galaxy Note may not be perfect matches (although one might be able to work it out given that it is made of foam, but we doubt if you are willing to risk a phone like Galaxy Nexus). To fully enjoy TheO, it is advisable to connect your smartphone to a tablet or a smart TV on the same Wi-Fi network for a larger display.

According to our friends from The Verge who tested the prototype, TheO “seemed to run smooth enough.” We will discover by May if it will also run smooth enough in the market at $24.95. It will be offered with other apps, primarily games that will be fit for playing with TheO.

See for yourself what you can do with your smartphone on a TheO:

via The Verge

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