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Fashion designer goes too far, makes ankle brace smartphone holder

In a step forward - or back, depending on how you feel - for smartphone fashion, a designer made an ankle brace smartphone holder.

Published onJuly 12, 2018

  • In a new entry of smartphone fashion, a designer created smartphone-holding ankle bracelets for a show.
  • The ankle brace is used in several of the looks for the designer’s recent show.
  • While totally impractical, the ankle brace could be used as a smartphone addiction aid.

People tend to make fun of high-fashion design, usually because the looks designers create are so out-there and impractical that no one can imagine actually wearing them.

But fashion design is more about creating art that just happens to be worn, rather than hung on a wall. However, a Parisian fashion house called Maison Margiela might have taken things too far with its recent Autumn-Winter 2018 Artisanal Show. As you can see in the photos below, they strapped a smartphone-holding ankle brace to a runway model:

Although we can’t be certain, it looks to me like the design team repurposed a smartphone dash mount for a car, attached it to the model’s ankle, and slapped an iPhone into it.

The description for this look (Look #02, according to the show) reads as follows:

“Yellow sleeveless wool coat upholstered with wadding, with yellow sleeveless twill lining, with a tied front transformed into a bow. Pump shoes.”

Other looks from the show also include the ankle brace, including Look #13, #14, #15, and #30. All of the looks seem to have walked out of The Fifth Element.

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On the fashion house’s Facebook page, the show featuring these smartphone ankle braces is described as being all about “nomadic glamour” and an “ongoing study of seductions in the millennial era.” This particular collection “observes a parallel between the timeless spartan wanderer and the perpetually-connected follower of the technological age.”

Yeah, I have no idea what that means, either.

Regardless, the fashion house may have come up with an ingenious way to curb smartphone addiction: just think how hard it would be to check your Snapchat feed if your phone was attached to your ankle. Just don’t get into any kung fu fights, or you might crack your screen.

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