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A sound smartphone adviser will tell you there is no “perfect” phone. Personal preferences play the most important role in choosing the right device, but this doesn’t mean we don’t collectively tend to prefer certain features or factors over others.

A new study by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech is shedding some light on what American new smartphone buyers tend to look for. Americans are all about speed, so it’s obvious most users will prefer a device that has 4G LTE compatibility. This does include most devices nowadays, but this doesn’t yet make it less of a factor. We all want that LTE!


Another important variable is screen size. The display is the window into the smartphone experience, so it makes sense that users put this specification in high priority. I prefer larger displays, which offer ease to your typing. Some may want a smaller screen, which usually makes devices easier to hold.

Research and influences

There is a process we all follow when purchasing a new product. You may look for friendly advice or professional reviews, habits this study also happens to dig into. Kantar states iPhone buyers tend to do the least research before buying a phone. This makes sense, considering Apple has its reputation and a huge following that will say wonders about Apple’s gadgets.

This study reveals that about 25% of new smartphone buyers turn to friends for advice, while nearly 25% uses the carrier’s website. The next most popular advice would come from other websites (like us). We would also be wrong if we thought the internet is now taking over the world, as 64% of purchases are made in traditional brick & mortar stores… 24% of smartphone sales are done online.

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It seems stores are full of Samsung fans. A whopping 64% of users are recommended Samsung devices by in-store representatives, while only 30% are recommended an Apple smartphone. A bit over half of do buy a Galaxy device, while the rest go for an iPhone or another Android device.

Oddly enough, the above-mentioned specs are usually among the first I ask friends about when they seek for my advice. Size preferences, price ranges and design are crucial, so keep that in mind next time you need to help someone out.

Edgar Cervantes

Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive.