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Who needs a smartphone case? Live bunnies are where it’s at

The latest photo-taking craze out of Asia involves taking pictures of live bunnies being utilized as “smartphone cases”. Apparently the trend has also moved on to include cats.
October 23, 2014

If you’re struggling to find the perfect case for your smartphone, why not turn to your pet rabbit for the solution? Insane sounding as it is, that’s the latest craze coming out of Asia.

Okay, to be fair, no one is seriously using live bunnies as smartphone holders (can you imagine carrying a rabbit with you everywhere?? All that poop…), but there is a growing trend of posting such pics up onto Weibo and even Twitter.


The original image that started it all was a photo of “bunny smartphone case” shared on Twitter earlier this month, which has since been retweeted 37,000 times. Thanks to the monkey-see-monkey-do affect, a number of folks, mostly in Asia, have followed suit with their own pics.

It seems the trend has even started to move outside of bunny-phone-case photo ops, and at least one picture of a live cat smartphone case has also surfaced.


So why are people taking these pictures and posting them online? The same reason as we see loads of selfies and other similar images on the web — people like attention and attention getting photos. Still, we admit these photos are pretty darling, provided that the folks taking them are careful with their furry friends.