Today, Sony has announced the availability of its SmarTags app from the Android Market. Unfortunately, the app came a bit too early than its functionality. In order to use the app, users need to have an actual SmarTag tags as well as an NFC enabled device. This gives the assumption that Sony prepared the app specifically for its upcoming Xperia S. However, it is important to remember that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also capable of such feature.

According to Sony, SmarTags will be sold separately with a price of almost $30 for one pack. This pack contains 4 tags that come in a series of red, blue, black and white hues.

On the description of the app, SmarTag will ‘make living easy.’ This is because the app is capable of performing several pre-programmed actions faster than necessary; such as switching on the lights, shutting down Wi-Fi, and even accessing a particular website. Pretty cool, huh?

The SmarTags app is available for free download from the Android Market. Again, the app needs an Android smartphone with NFC capability and Android OS 2.3.7 or higher. But after looking at the video, the wait for the Xperia S will be worth it!

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