While an app’s taking up your whole screen may be useful when you’re watching a movie or playing a game, it can be distracting to not see your statusbar. Every few minutes, you’ll want to pause your movie just to check your statusbar details, whether it’s to check for the time, or how much charge you’ve got left on your battery.

Smart Statusbar, however, removed the hassle of having to exit your full screen application to check your statusbar. Instead, you can check your statusbar while you’re making complete use of your device’s screen. Swipe your finger from the top edge of your tablet to the bottom and you’ll be able to see your statusbar.

Keep sliding your finger downward and you’ll be able to access the entire notifications panel without having to leave your full screen app. You can easily check the time, how much battery charge you’ve got left or if you’ve received an SMS or an e-mail, and then resume whatever you were doing.

What’s even better is that Smart Statusbar also comes with a timeout option. Depending on how much time you specify in the app, the statusbar sticks around for a few seconds of accessing the full screen app before quietly disappearing from your screen.

Once you’ve installed Smart Statusbar, you can customize it. You can opt to have this app launch when you boot your device. The app also allows you to set your desired timeout. Turn on the touch vibration feedback option, so you’ll know when you’re touching the correct trigger area.

Keep in mind that given the nature of Smart Statusbar, it only works if you’re running a full screen app. In any other situation where you can view your device’s status bar, you cannot access Smart Statusbar.

Two versions of Smart Statusbar are available on the Google Play Store. The free version gives you all the basic functions that we’ve already covered. The paid version of Smart Statusbar, available at US$1.60, gives you the basics and a few extra features, such as a secondary bar with essential tools for gamers. You’ll have access to a Timer, a Stopwatch, and even an Alarm.

Say you’re waiting for a certain amount of time to pass but you don’t want to constantly check your statusbar for the time. Switch on the Alarm function or the time function and allow yourself to enjoy a movie. Your device will vibrate and play a sound when time’s up. That way, you won’t have to be distracted if you get into the zone of a good game. The paid version of Smart Statusbar also gives you two kinds of gestures to access the native status bar and the secondary bar.

If you’d like to be able to access your statusbar while in the middle of a movie, a game or while using any app that takes up the full screen of your device, you can get both the free Smart Statusbar and the paid Smart Statusbar on the Google Play Store.