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Smart IR Remote gets updated, makes it easy to control your TV via Google Now

A new update to Smart IR Remote brings Google Now voice command integration, making it easy to control IR devices like your TV using voice commands.
August 18, 2014
Out of the box, Google Now offers an excellent voice-driven experience that makes it easy to open apps, set reminders and so much more. For those willing to do some tinkering, this experience can be greatly widened beyond this thanks to apps like Tasker. This includes just about anything under the sun, including a way to use voice to control your TV.

Of course, not everyone is up to the task of configuring apps like Tasker, but thankfully a new update to the Smart IR Remote app allows anyone to control their TV and other IR devices through Google Now with minimal configuration needed. The whole experience is as easy as enabling it from the app’s settings and following a few small setup steps.

Here’s a video that better highlights how the experience works once you’re up and running:

According to the app’s description, just about any device (BluRay player, TV, set top box, etc) that supports IR should work, but only select handsets and tablets will work with the app including those from Samsung and HTC. The LG G3 should also work, but it’s features are in Beta so the experience probably won’t be perfect.

It’s important to note that this is a premium app and it doesn’t exactly come cheap at $6.99. Whether it’s worth the cost is up to you. You can grab the app (and/or the latest update) via Google Play.