google play

Something wonderful is going on over at the Google Play Store and if you haven’t checked it yet, you definitely should. Why? Because smart app updates are now turned on, which means, no more lengthy downloads and wondering about data usage overage charges.

Now that unlimited data plans are a thing of the past, going over your data limit can really hurt. Installing new apps is a major contributor, as some major categories like photo-editing and games can get pretty hefty! That being said, smart app updates (for those who don’t know) downloads only the newest bits of the apk for your app. This is fundamentally better than downloading the whole app over again every time there is a version update.

While Google I/O did show us how cool this feature is, there was no official announcement for when it would be set loose on the public to try out. Well, the time is now! Watch the video below for a better look at how the process works in comparison to the old store interface. Then head on over to the store and give it a spin!