Noodlecake Studios isn’t exactly the most well-known developer in the mobile world, but they are no stranger to addictive games with titles like Happy Jump and Happy Fall receiving a fair amount of praise in the Play Store. Now their latest title has hit Android, an endless runner by the name of Small Fry.

Now to be honest, Small Fry doesn’t exactly break the mold when it comes to gameplay, as it is rather similar to games like Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride. The story is also simplistic, with you starring as a little fish that must race through a variety of challenges in order to keep away from being eaten by a shark.

Putting aside the fact the game isn’t anything revolutionary, it’s still quite a bit of fun, even if it is obviously geared a bit more towards younger audiences. Bottom-line, if you’re looking for something to play while waiting in line at the DMV or in between classes — this could be a fun little distraction.

Small Fry is absolutely free through the Play Store, though it does have in-app purchases. The good news is that these in-app offerings aren’t too obtrusive and you can easily enjoy the game without ever spending a dime. That said, there are a few prompts from time to time that ask you to download other apps.

To try the game for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

Andrew Grush

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