Smaato May stats

Smaato May stats

You will usually see us reporting on AdMob statistics, but anyone who has endured the misfortune of learning stats knows that checking out different sources is vitally important. Here we have the Click Through Rate (CTR) from Smaato.

CTR is an interesting metric because it doesn’t just show how many adverts are served to Android devices, it shows how many were actually clicked on. Unfortunately for us, this confounds how good the advert/advert-system is with how many devices are in use. Android could have half the devices in use compared to the iPhone/iPod, but if the adverts are better displayed via Android, the CTR will be higher.

Nonetheless, for North America, the graphs shows that Android CTR is higher than that of Apple’s. The month before, things were reversed. With that said, both are far behind Symbian.  Although not shown here, worldwide Android is still behind Windows Mobile and iPhone.

Wrapping things up, the feature phone is actually performing the best in terms of improvement and the actual CTR measure right now. Worldwide, the feature phone has out-grown everyone else month-on-month. For me, this market is somewhere Android will be able to make inroads where the iPhone will fail. Android can be smacked onto a $20 device which any other day of the weak could have easily been a feature phone.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.