image_251There are rumors over at the Sling Community suggesting that the TV streaming specialists are out to create a version of their mobile phone software for the Android OS. Sling Media produce the Slingbox Classic, which connects to any standard audio and/or video signal, and streams the video and audio to a computer over a high-speed broadband internet connection. A high definition version is also available, and now it is possible to stream standard TV to your mobile using Slingbox Solo combined with a Sling player suitable for the phone’s OS.

Currently, BlackBerry, Window Mobile, Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian and iPhone operating systems are supported. However, at the end of January, MegaZone (who runs many of Sling Media’ Beta programs) commented that Android might be the most logical next step for Sling Media. His words have subsequently been removed for the forum, but we dug them up so you can make your own mind up:

The next logical platform is Android, which we’re already taking a strong look at. Unlike webOS, Android already has multiple announced devices with commitments from several major device makers for even more, with carriers lined up world-wide.

Given the fact that the comment was recently removed, and MegaZone has ceased posting on Sling Community, we are not surprised to read (comment #6) that he may have been fired for leaking this news prior to the official announcement by Sling Media.

[Via: Sling Community]

James Tromans
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