Smartphone users are always on the lookout for a new app for their social networking needs. It is exciting to find a great app that could meet one’s expectations in integrating Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking accounts. There are a lot of social apps that promise to do just that, but not all of them are effective.

The process of finding an app you want is not that hard. You can find these apps through your friends’ recommendations, Google Play Store features, searching with keywords, or even from Android Authority’s app reviews. You’ll get a lot of search results, which make choosing the right app for you confusing. There are a lot of prominent apps that can provide users great features for social networking, however, users always prefer apps that have a lovely user interface, fast execution when loading new posts, easy-to-use features, best organizing options, and more.

One of these great social networking service apps is being developed by OneLouder Apps. OneLouder Apps has brought us social networking apps like Friendcaster for Facebook, TweetCaster for Twitter, SportCaster, and many more. While TweetCaster is still one of the best Twitter clients, OneLouder Apps is now developing another third-party app for Twitter.

OneLouder Apps is struggling to cope with other companies that are providing better third-party Twitter apps for Twitter addicts. Because of the pressure, they’ve developed the app called Slices for Twitter, aptly named for its main feature of easily organizing tweets into slices. This app can be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore, the iTunes App Store, and now, the Google Play Store.

Slices for Twitter has the following important feature highlights:

  • Live Events – one the app’s great features. It displays live tweets about live events (e.g., sports, TV shows, etc.) from reliable sources.
  • Timeline Slicer – allows you to cut up your timeline into manageable “slices”.
  • Bookmarks – can be used to bookmark your favorite Twitter contacts or favorite lists
  • Mobile-to-Web – syncs your Slices account so that you pick up from wherever you’ve left off either on your phone or on your desktop

Slices for Twitter has a brilliant user interface layout that provides easy access to different tools and options. Going through your timeline or reading new direct messages and mentions is as easy as 1-2-3. Slices also provides helpful widgets for Instant Tweet or just viewing new tweets from followed and favorite Slices users. This app also has an option to “silence” or “zip” annoying users that you follow, without having to unfollow or block them.

Slices has a Mobile-To-Web feature that allows you to organize, create, delete and manage different divisions of users you follow. With Slices, it is easy to separate your family’s and close friends’ tweets, or jokes and quotes tweets, or just about anything to organize your interests. You don’t have to browse through thousands of tweets from other users. With just a tap on one of your Slices, you are able to read tweets that interest you.

Other striking features that Slices for Twitter has in store include the following:

  • Geo-tagging
  • Multimedia attachments
  • Support for image and/or video hosting services (e.g.,, Lockerz, TwitPic, Twitgoo, yFrog, Posterous, MobyPicture,, and Twitvid)
  • Direct posting to Facebook
  • Saving tweets to drafts
  • Integration with TwitLonger, allowing you to tweet more than the conventional 140-character.

  • Multiple accounts support
  • Customizable sound, vibration, and LED notification settings for new tweets, messages, and mentions
  • Display setting options (e.g., number of messages to load, opening gaps from top or bottom, changing font sizes, displaying shortcut bars, enabling SSL, and adding tweet signatures)
  • 1-tap access to Timeline, Mentions, and direct messages
  • Option to ‘zip’ (hide) unwanted tweets from users
  • Filtering options
  • Search options
  • Previewing embedded multimedia content

Slices for Twitter also has the mainstream features that other third-party Twitter apps have. At the moment, OneLouder Apps is developing a tablet-optimized version of the app. Slices for Twitter is a great app to have and sets the bar higher for competitors. This app is free but displays onscreen ads. If you like the full experience without the ads, then you’ll have to get the ads-free version for a small fee.

How do you keep your Twitter life organized? Has Slices for Twitter been of help? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.