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Sleipnir Linker: One-tap content sharing from desktop to phone

July 12, 2012

Sharing content from your desktop to your mobile browser will never be a problem again. The developers behind the cross-platform Sleipnir Browser for desktop computers have just launched their latest desktop browser that will help users instantly share content from their computers to their mobile devices in a much easier fashion.

If you have never tried Sleipnir Browser before, you will surely love how the application allows you to instantly push website URLs, addresses, and phone numbers to your mobile device. So, whenever you try to search content on your phone, you will never have to search for it again to get the desired content on your mobile device.

What’s even better is that you will never have to go through the hassle of switching multiple screens or browsing through bookmarked content just to look for that particular URL. Instead, users just need to push the desired content they want  from the computer, and it will automatically appear on their mobile device.

This pushing feature is made possible through the use of the Sleipnir Linker, an Android application that pushes all of your content via the Sleipnir Browser.

This feature is not new to us, as there have been other browsers who already have made this feat possible. Users who have tried Google Chrome on both their desktop computers and mobile devices will already know that whatever activity they’ve done on either browser will also reflect on the other.

What makes Sleipnir Linker more than just an add-on for the Sleipner Browser is that it is a standalone application, meaning you don’t need to install the mobile browser to receive content from your desktop browser. Regardless of the content, whether it’s a link, an address, or a plain piece of text, Sleipnir Linker will automatically do the linking and pushing for you as it runs in the background.

For Sleipnir Linker to run properly, users need to have Sleipner Browser installed on their computer and pair it with their mobile devices. Getting an account is easy and it is absolutely free of charge. New users can sign up from within the mobile app itself and use their Fenrir Pass account to pair their computer and mobile device.

Once everything is set up, sharing stuff back and forth will be walk in the park. To share a current opened webpage, all you need to do is hit the Fenrir Pass Connect extension found in the top-right of the browser, and select the mobile sharing option found on the sharing menu. All attended and unattended notifications are automatically categorized via different colors.

So if you need to hold on to an important phone number or a bunch of notes from a particular website that you have opened on your desktop computer, let Sleipnir Linker do all of the work for you. What’s even better is that you don’t need to be hooked your home network just to share stuff, as Sleipnir Linker works effectively through the Internet.

You can download and try Sleipnir Linker absolutely free of charge from the Google Play Store.