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Skype has reached 45 million concurrent users and that number is only expected to grow

Skype has had an exciting nine years of life. They've been acquired twice. Once by eBay and once by Microsoft. Even so, the video chatting giant has reached a memorable plateau of 45 million users online at the same time. Despite a lot of competition in the video chatting market, Skype's numbers are trending upward.
October 15, 2012
Skype has had a very exciting nine years of life. What began as a simple video chatting application has blossomed into a video calling and chatting giant that almost everyone has at least heard of.

It has been acquired twice. Once by eBay and once again by Microsoft. There was also some dealing with Facebook. Skype has been around the block and back again, and it is more popular than ever. How popular? Recently, Skype hit the 45 million concurrent users.

It’s a pretty big accomplishment. To put it in perspective, Dolphin Browser has 50 million users and Android itself has more than 500 million users. Any application with that many users is definitely something to brag about and Skype can brag about it.

What is more interesting is that Skype is still on the rise. According to a source of Tech Crunch, Skype is currently seeing an 8% increase from month to month usage statistics. So this 45 million user landmark most likely won’t be the last landmark Skype hits.

Will Skype be successful with competition like Google Talk?

Well, Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts have been around for awhile now. Granted, it has gotten a lot of people into video chatting who weren’t originally into it. The truth is, though, is that they aren’t affecting Skype’s business very much. Even long after the release of a worthy competitor, Skype is still going up.

Is Skype the best video chat client? Not by a long shot. All video chat clients have their flaws and Skype is no different. It has always been a popular choice for people who need a quick and easy way to get a hold of loved ones over long distances.

Skype has been working on growing their product as well. In the UK, they’re building free WiFi spots so people can video chat in more places. They are also preparing to launch a Skype business solution that is supposed to show businesses why they should buy their premium products.

Will Skype continue being one of the biggest players in the video chatting market? Most likely, it is definitely a name people recognize. At least 45 million people recognize it already. What are your favorite features of Skype? Or, if you’re not a fan, what don’t you like about it? Let us know your thoughts.