News is big business. With all of the newspapers on the stands, this is a pretty obvious conclusion. With the dawn of the tablet age, news corporations have been doing their best to translate themselves into the digital medium. This is mostly because the tablet is a perfect platform for reading – portable, easy-to-carry, with a smooth interface.

One of the more popular ways to get the news on tablets are news aggregators. They’re independent applications that collect news for you. Skygrid, a recent release for the Android platform, a perfect example of this type of application.

Right now, the SkyGrid App for Android Tablets is available on the Android Market for a very agreeable price – which is free. So what does SkyGrid bring to the table?

Well, for one thing, SkyGrid has been custom designed for the tablet format. This is not a simple transition from a phone app to the big screen – this is design from the ground-up and it shows. Secondly, SkyGrid is more than just an ordinary news item collector. It doesn’t focus on a particular set of services. What it does is ask for your interests and uses that as the basis for the news it collects. Like Lady Gaga or any particular public figure – just say so and the app will scour the Web for the latest news on them. Thirdly, it focuses on being very visual. Every interest that you have gets a photostream that is being constantly updated – which you can easily access with a tap of a finger.

All of this is done quickly. SkyGrid collects from over a million sources across the Web, while processing over a thousand items per second. This is because it uses its own proprietary algorithm called “Information Velocity,” which makes such real-time updates possible.

If you want to try it out – for the low price of zero dollars – just look it up on the Android Market and download the .apk.

Source: TMCNet


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