The days between Windows, Android and OS X hatred for each other will be suspended soon in glorious clouds for all to witness. Rather, Microsoft has now unfurled the global blanket of secrecy and shown us the grand redesign of a new A new Android app is still in the works, but only a few weeks out.

For those excited about Windows 8, and appreciate the new UI, here’s your main course: the newest Skydrive iteration not only has tighter integration into Windows and OS X platforms through appearance, but also through a toolbar of common actions, and a Google-esque “instant search” feature. Multiple drag and drop and better sorting options round out the improvements category.

As this is a cloud app, syncing will always vary per user, but this upgrade, says MS, is a huge improvement on the past version. Specifically, photo uploads and “looking for changes” state have been increased dramatically in performance.

Regarding that Android app mention earlier, Microsoft has been scarce with details, but says confidently that it will be available in a “few weeks”. They also said it will have the same basic functionality and UI experience as its platform counterparts.

What do you think about Skydrive? Does it now match or beat its rivals like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sound off in the comments below.