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SkyDrive for Android v1.1 now available, update brings SD card file uploads and more

Microsoft has detailed the latest SkyDrive updates. These include changes to both the desktop and mobile apps. The Android app has been updated with new features and on the desktop side, SkyDrive users now have selective sync and easier sharing.
November 16, 2012

Microsoft has recently announced some updates and improvements for SkyDrive. And in addition to rolling out some changes both on the desktop and mobile side, Microsoft is also touting the success of the service. In fact, they noted that “in the last 6 months, you’ve doubled the amount of SkyDrive storage being used.” Of course, it is probably safe to say that the increased usage was at least partially based on the arrival of the mobile apps, which for Android came at the end of August.

Perhaps more important for today though, the updates for SkyDrive. Lets first cover those on the desktop side. Microsoft has a client available for both Mac and Windows computers and those users now have selective sync and sharing should be a bit easier. With selective syncing users will now be able to choose specific files and/or folders. In terms of the sharing, users can now share from the File Explorer with a right-click. Just click on the file, choose Share and from here you will be given options including email, Twitter and Facebook. The sharing works for files and folders.

Leaving the desktop side and moving over to mobile. Specifically to the Android app update. This update brings the SkyDrive app up to version 1.1 where it remains available for devices running Android 2.3 or later. That aside, this v1.1 update brings goodies to include the ability to upload files that are stored on your SD card and also added some new settings for photo upload and download sizes. In addition, SkyDrive users will notice that some of the app icons and other visuals have been updated. And of course, what app update would be complete without the mention of “other” bug fixes.

Finally, for those not yet using SkyDrive, yes it is just another cloud based storage/backup/sharing solution. But on the positive side, Microsoft starts you out with a fair amount of storage for free — 7GB.