captureIt’s not that often we post on applications for your Android device. However, from time to time we take a moment to write on new applications that are fundamental to Android improvement, such as Microsoft Exchange Clients or core Google updates like Google Product Search. This new application is neither of these things, yet. But the Skydeck + Google Voice mash-up for Android is really quite excellent.

First, for those not familiar with Skydeck, the company effectively puts your mobile phone online. All your calls, text messages, voicemails, and contacts are backed up on and you can search, read, and reply to your messages (by voice or by text) from Skydeck as if it were your cell phone. We find that Skydeck offers an incredibly mature user interface. There’s no change to your phone number or the way you use your phone.

The crème da la crème, however, is that the Skydeck app on your phone backs up all of your contacts, calls, and texts to If you don’t answer a call, Skydeck takes a voicemail, converts the speech to text, and sends you an email (or txt). If you are at your desk, you can call or text people from Skydeck. The call appears to come from your cell phone, so your friends will know who it is. The only issue is that this service came at a cost of $9.99 a month. It reminds us of HulloMail, but better!

Second, for those not familiar with Google Voice, it ties all your phones (e.g. landline and mobile) together on a new number, so that when someone rings it, it rings all your devices and you pick up the nearest one. The issue here is that you have to have a new number and Google act as a middle man to manage the service; if they go down, so does your phone.

The genius comes next. The mash-up allows Skydeck to manage your mobile phone and Google to manage the others. If you a miss a call coming into to your mobile, it hooks into Google Voice. You can tell Google to try all your other phones first, or go straight to voicemail. The messages are copied to so all your calls, txts and voicemails are in one place. And it’s all free. No need to change your number or the way you make phone calls. Even if the internet goes down, your mobile won’t be affected.

We like. Check out the video:

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.