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Six new Sprint LTE sites have gone live, more spread out this time

There is no doubt that Sprint's LTE roll out has been painstakingly slow. Sprint customers across the United States haven't been happy about it either. There are now six new markets with LTE and they're pretty spread out. So maybe Sprint is finally getting serious.
December 19, 2012
It’s no secret that Sprint customers haven’t been happy with Sprint’s LTE roll out. It’s been slow and frustrating for a lot of people. For some, the frustration has come to an end. For everyone else, prepare to be more frustrated.

The Sprint News Room has confirmed that six new markets now have LTE coverage. They are:

  1. Indianapolis/Carmel, Ind.
  2. Santa Rosa/Petaluma, Calif.
  3. Vallejo/Fairfield, Calif.
  4. Southern Puerto Rico (including Ponce, Coamo and Guayama)
  5. York/Hanover, Pa.
  6. Franklin County, Pa.
  7. Sprint also enhanced 4G LTE coverage around Shenandoah County, Va., and introduced 4G LTE to the neighboring Page County, Va.

Unlike Sprint LTE roll outs of the past, this roll out is more spread out. There are parts of the California, Virginia, Indiana, Puerto Rico, and Pennsylvania.

Does this mean Sprint is getting their act together and doing things more quickly?

No, it just means that they has launched LTE in six new markets. There is no indication that roll outs will happen any faster. As Android Police points out, Sprint has made a lot of moves in the last year. So there is an outside chance that the LTE roll out may go more quickly as the big moves settle in.

Has anyone tried out the LTE in these new markets? Let us know how it is!