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Qualcomm adds six new processors to Snapdragon 200 range

In an attempt to fight of competition from companies like Mediatek, Qualcomm has released details of six new 28nm, Cortex-A7 / Adreno 302 processors which it will add to the Snapdragon 200 range.
June 21, 2013
Snapdragon by Qualcomm
There is lots of buzz at the moment about the speed of the Snapdragon 800 processor but high-performance processors aren’t the only type of chips that Qualcomm make. Along with the Snapdragon 800 there are the dual-core and quad-core Snapdragon 400 and 600 processors, which both use the Krait 300 core, and there is Qualcomm’s level entry class of CPUs, the Snapdragon 200.

There is lots of competition at the low-end from companies like Mediatek which recently launched a quad core CPU using the Cortex-A7 architecture and is known to be working on a budget big.LITTLE processor. As a result Qualcomm’s current quad-core Cortex-A5 Snapdragon 200 processors are starting to look a bit old. To address this the company has released details of six new processors which it will add to the Snapdragon 200 class.

Unlike the Snapdragon 400, 600 and 800 which uses Qualcomm’s custom Krait core, the Snapdragon 200 range uses a standard Cortex design as released by ARM. The new Snapdragon 200 processors will all use the Cortex-A7 following suit with Mediatek.

The new processors will be available in dual- and quad-core configurations and will be built  using a 28nm process technology (down from 45nm for the current processors) just like the other Snapdragon CPUs.

The new chips are designed specifically for entry-level smartphones and tablets and support 3G (but not LTE) out of the box, in single SIM and dual SIM configurations. The processors will also have support for dual cameras, up to 8 Megapixel for the rear-facing camera and up to 5 Megapixel for the front-facing one. On the GPU side the new Snapdragon 200 processors will get a boost with the inclusion of the new Adreno 302 GPU, which Qualcomm is claiming offers class-leading graphics performance.

The six new processors are all compatible with Android, Windows Phone and the Firefox operating system. Qualcomm anticipate that the new processors will be available in late 2013.