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Siva Cycle Atom uses pedal power to charge your USB devices

The Siva Cycle Atom not only can charge USB devices while you pedal, but can even provide you battery power long after ending your ride.
April 25, 2013

While the idea of generating power from a bike isn’t anything new, the Siva Cycle Atom aims to improve on the idea by creating a system that not only can charge devices like your Android smartphone while you pedal, but can even provide you battery power long after ending your ride.

The idea of the Atom is to create an unintrusive battery system that is easy to install on just about any bike and works through the power of pedaling. Any USB-powered device will work with the Siva Cycle Atom. The device charges at a rate of 5V @ up to 500mA, about the same amount of power as a typical PC USB 2.0 port. That’s not as fast a wall charger, but still not half-bad.

Need more power once your off the bike? The Atom includes a detachable 1,300mAh battery pack. Now 1,300mAh might not be a lot, but it should be more than enough to give your phone or tablet an extra jolt of electricity to keep it going until you get back on the bike or find yourself a wall socket.

The only catch to the Siva Cycle Atom is that it doesn’t exist yet. The project is now on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, allowing you to pledge $95 to get your hands on the Atom, which is about a $15 discount over the projected retail cost. It’s also worth noting that for every ten Atoms it sells, they will donate one Siva Cycle Atom device to those in need of easily accessible electric charging.

What do you think of the Siva Cycle Atom, could you see yourself using one of these or not?