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Massive November Udemy sale (Update: Last Day!)

Udemy is currently running a site-wide sale that knocks all of their courses down to $19, even if they would normally cost $200. Offer ends November 15.
November 14, 2016

The AA Picks team is on the prowl for things we think our readers will value. If we make an affiliate partnership to reduce the costs of purchases, then we may see a share of revenue.


Recently, our team has discovered that our readers have a keen interest in learning new things and expanding their skillsets. This really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us, because any audience so engaged with the tech industry would basically have to have a passion for learning by default, but anywho…

Well, knowledge-fiends rejoice, because Udemy is currently holding a site-wide sale on literally all of their courses.

No promo-codes necessary; you just have to show up before November 16 at 2pm EST to take advantage of this deal. All courses on Udemy will be going for $19 during this timeframe.

Now, some smaller courses normally only go for $20, so you’re not really saving much on those. However, most of the more comprehensive courses can cost upwards of $200, making that $19 price tag an absolute steal.

No promo-codes necessary; you just have to show up before November 15.

Basically you can learn anything you want. Learn how to develop for Android, build your own games, learn how to ethically hack… hell, you can even learn how to play the piano, enhance your social media marketing skills, or get the tools you need to start your own business! Take a calculus class, if you feel so inclined.

When picking out a course, we advise taking a look at the number of enrolled students as well as the course’s rating. Also examine the instructor’s reputation and track record. Sometimes a skilled teacher may be getting a new course off the ground that doesn’t yet have many students, but it still could be a worthwhile investment.

Over the span of this sale, we’ll be scoping out some of the courses that we think may be the best buys for tech-savvy users. We’ll highlight these courses, and update this post accordingly.

What are you waiting for? Expand your brain!


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