My first thought upon coming across this bit of information was “Wow…” It’s hard to picture now, but Siri was almost an Android feature. Way back in 2009, Verizon struck a deal with Siri (the company) to pre-install its voice assistant on all Droid smartphones. Verizon even filmed commercials to promote the new feature.

So why didn’t it happen? Well, Apple swooped in and bought Siri, which at the time was a fledgling startup. The details on Siri’s journey from an almost Android to eventual Apple killer feature emerged in a Huffington Post feature.  The article details Siri’s history before eventually becoming property of Apple – in the beginning it was based on the HAL computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Android platform eventually had its own voice search and assistant feature in Google Now, but one can only wonder how the smartphone landscape might have differed if Siri had landed on Droid handsets all the way back in 2009. What do you guys think? Would Siri have even taken off on a large scale being limited to Verizon devices? Would Google Now be here in its present form, or perhaps even developed sooner by Google?

Shea Harris
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