Siri Google Glass

The Verge Siri comes to terms with her place in this world

Siri, known for snarky answers and useful tips on where to dump dead bodies, seems to have an identity issue. More to the point, she’d like you to stop confusing her with that other piece of hardware.

When prompted with “Okay, Glass”, Siri drops the gloves and gets scrappy. With quips like “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead” and “I think the Glass is half empty”, Siri comes off just a touch sensitive about your relationship with her.

According to Dan Seifert of The Verge, this is seen in iOS 6, but Siri’s displeasure with your Glass related talk may be worse in iOS 7. I thought Siri had tougher skin than this, but I guess she’s really sensitive to potentially having to share the spotlight. She seemed okay with Google Now, so I wonder what her deal is with Glass.

I’d ask her, but, you know — that old chestnut.