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Siri faces class action lawsuit in the US, fails to impress in Japan

March 15, 2012

This just in! Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit for inaccurate portrayal of Siri in advertisement. In other news, movie goers are suing the producer of “The Never Ending Story” when they found out the movie only ran for 1 hour and 34 minutes. In all seriousness, though, it appears that honeymoon time is over for Siri – as the intelligent voice assistant that resides on Apple iPhone 4S has been hit by several minor setbacks in recent days.

The class action lawsuit against Apple is as real as it gets. A guy by the name Frank Fazio, representing other disgruntled buyers, has filed for the lawsuit because Siri apparently failed to work as advertised. According to court document that was posted online, the Siri ads are “misleading, false and reasonably likely to deceive, have deceived” buyers who were mostly interested in the Siri feature when they purchased the iPhone 4S.

Trouble has also emerged on the other side of the pond, where it was reported by Apple Insider that Siri is having a difficult time responding to a more advanced request in Japanese.

In the video, you will see how Siri was pitted against Syabette Concier, another voice recognition software. Siri failed to respond to requests, such as “Is it cold outside?” and “I have a stomach ache”, while the local counterparts were able to provide weather data for the first request and information of the nearest hospital for the second one.  The report concluded that Siri was only able to understand requests using simple and universal Japanese.

It’s worth noting that glitches and imperfections are a part of any beta software, which Siri is still one, as Apple admitted. Hopefully, the same fate won’t befall Android’s upcoming Assistant.