We looked at Siri competitor Robin for the first time just a few months ago, but it has already made its way to version 2.0, getting a visual makeover in the process. Will the new look and new features finally give Siri a run for its money?

The most notable of the new features is the overhauled user interface. While there was nothing wrong with the old UI, the updated version is indeed nicer to look at. Other features include the new news room feature, which will read headlines from a variety of categories, and a personal newscast of your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Though it dubs itself “the Siri challenger,” Robin is far more focused on traffic, directions and parking, which explains why many of the new features lean that way, such as the proactive traffic alerts. This feature notifies you of traffic alerts as you drive, allowing you to look for an alternate route.

Unlike many Siri competitors on the Android market, Robin has a useful method of hands-free activation: simply wave your hand near the device to activate it. This makes using it for navigation on other in-car features much more useful.

Check out the new commercial for Robin below to see a few of the new features in action. If you want to see for yourself, the newly-updated Robin is available in the Google Play Store.

Have you had a chance to try Robin yet? Do you think it’s a worthy competitor to Siri?