Remember that just around the time when the Galaxy S 2 was being launched in US, there were rumors about the Galaxy S3 launching as soon Q1 2012? Some people were upset about it arriving so early, especially Americans who just got theirs, while others were wondering if that would even be possible.

Technically, I think it’s possible for a true next-gen device to replace the previous version after only 9 months. But this can only be done by the best and the most efficient manufacturers in the industry right now – like Samsung, HTC and even Motorola (disregarding the Bionic here). Others like Sony Ericsson or Nokia are much slower, and need at least 12 months to be ready with a true next-gen device. So considering the Galaxy S2 was first released in May 2011, releasing the Galaxy S3 in Q1 2012 sounded about right.

But lately, it has become apparent that the Galaxy S 3 won’t even be announced at MWC, let alone be released. It even seems the date isn’t certain internally, and some rumors even say it might arrive just before summer. Now that we discovered some rumors about the next-gen Galaxy Tab and its Cortex A15 processor and Mali T604 GPU, could it be that Samsung is saving Galaxy S3 until they can put this CPU and GPU in it?

The “safest” rumor about the Galaxy S3 has been that it has a quad core 1.5 Ghz processor, most likely based on Cortex A9. While that will certainly be competitive this spring, I don’t think the competitive edge will be that big for the Galaxy S3 to maintain the lead in performance for too long.

This is why I’m hoping Samsung will reconsider using the quad core Exynos 4412, and instead use the dual core Cortex A15 Exynos 5250 that is rumored to appear in the next gen Galaxy Tab. This would ensure the Galaxy S3 will once again lead the market for the next 6 months in performance. Both the Cortex A15 CPU and the Mali T604 GPU are monsters in terms of performance, and as long as they aren’t exchanging too much battery efficiency for performance, it would be a much smarter decision to wait a month or two, and get that Exynos 5250 chip inside the Galaxy S3.

But besides raw performance, that would even surpass some of Intel’s low-end chips, what I like about these chips is that they will bring new features that are exciting for the future of Android – like hardware virtualization (Cortex A15) and OpenCL GPGPU computing (Mali T604). This could give rise to a whole new series of applications of Android, so I’m excited about their potential.

Here are the announcement videos (from a while ago) for the Cortex A15 and the Mali T604, and you can learn more about the technical stuff from them:

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