So we Android fans have had our fun with the “Shit Apple Fanatics Say” mockumentary we wrote about last weekend. Our own Chris Smith said a similar video dissing Android “must just be around the corner.”

Here it is! It seems it’s the Apple fanboys and fangirls’ turn to have a chuckle at our expense. The folks from have made a mockumentary poking fun at the stuff Android users supposedly say.

Come to think of it, the video does feature things that Android fans would actually say, including arguments about removable batteries, polycarbonate construction vs. aluminum, screen size, quad-core CPUs and patented rectangles. Oh, and another thing: widgets.

Did I mention widgets?

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. No flames, please. I know most of us here are Android users and enthusiasts. But given that this video was created by fellow Android fans, then there’s nothing wrong with a few good laughs at our own expense.