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ShieldApps keeps your online activity private

The ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite helps avoid you getting tracked and hacked online. You can save up to 75% now.
October 3, 2019
ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite

Our online activity is often described as our online footprint, but that’s an understatement. Websites, third parties, and even hackers are actively trying to capture our movements. Their motives range from annoying to outright criminal.

Fear not, ShieldApps can help.

The ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite is specially designed to enhance your privacy and security online. A host of top features monitor your system to ensure you’re not exploited.

Avoid malicious acts such as phishing attempts and data mining.

For example, there may be traceable login credentials or personal data on your system that could be exploited by hackers. ShieldApps can highlight and even delete the data to keep you safe.

Your computer is constantly monitored for malicious acts such as phishing attempts and data mining. Harmful websites and annoying adverts are also flagged or blocked.

ShieldApps highlights:

  • Anti-tracking algorithms
  • Login credentials encryption
  • Identity protection mechanism
  • Internet security
  • Advanced cookie blocking
  • Encrypted documents vault
  • Behavioral tracking blocker

ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite is usually $49.99 per year, but you can do much better in this Tech Deals promotion. The one-year subscription is just $19.99 right now.

You can save even more on longer-term protection. Instead of the usual $250, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $59.99.

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