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Shield Tablet shipping now, can be yours for just $299

As expected, pre-orders of the Nvidia Shield tablet have began to reach the hands of consumers and the tablet is now available for immediate purchase from select retailers.
July 29, 2014

Last week Nvidia officially announced and began taking pre-orders for the Shield tablet, and now the tablet has started shipping to those that pre-ordered the device ahead of its general release. For those that didn’t pre-order, the tablet can now be purchased for immediate shipping through Nvidia’s website or it can be purchased for in-store pick up from Best Buy. It’s also worth noting that Amazon supposedly is stocking the device but it is currently listed as “temporarily out of stock”.

At just $299, the 8-inch Shield tablet is one of the most impressive slates you’ll find on the market today, in a large part thanks to its beefy Tegra K1 processor. Some of the tablet’s other specs include 2GB RAM, 16GB storage with Wi-Fi only model, 32GB storage with the LTE model, microSD, a 19.75 Wh Lithium ion battery, an integrated stylus and Android 4.4 KitKat. The device is billed as a gaming tablet with support for the Nvidia controller (sold separately) and PC game streaming technology, but honestly this could be the perfect device for anyone looking for a high-end tablet experience without spending a bundle.

On the downside, unlocking the Shield tablet’s full gaming potential can also increase its price tag pretty dramatically. For starters, you’ll want to add on the gaming control for $60. For those that want to prop up the tablet for better gaming, the Nvidia cover is also a must-have at another $40. That brings you up to $400 and that’s not including the cost of investing in an Nvidia PC graphics card that will support PC streaming.

The point is that, while the Shield tablet is very nicely priced, if you are hoping to take full advantage of its “hardcore gaming features” you need to be prepared to spend a little more than just the tablet’s asking price. Then again, if you are into streaming and ‘hardcore’ Android gaming, the Shield tablet and its accessories could be well worth the investment.

What do you think of the Nvidia Shield tablet, impressed or not? Anyone get theirs yet? If so, what do you think so far? To snag the tablet, and/or its accessories, you’ll want to head over to Nvidia’s official website.