Sharp Going Android

Sharp Going Android

Sharp are set to team up with a large Japanese carrier to bring the two following Android based devices to market; the JN-DK01 and the IS01. In effect, this is the same device, but the the JN-DK01 is supposed to be a developer’s edition of the Iso1. This JN-DK01 may then be used to make alterations to the device and the OS.

The specifics on this device are fairly grey at the moment both in terms of what Android OS it will run and whether it will come Googled-up with the host of application such as Maps and Mail. The information we do have would suggest that the device will be available in black or a light blue shade. It is not all doom and gloom as we have some pretty stable hardware specifications to share with you.

The camera will pack 5.27 mega-pixels on the rear and 0.43 mega-pixels on the front. Not unusual for Japanese based phones, there is a TV tuner but unheard of to me before there is IRDA support for Blu-Ray support, enabling you to rip a Blu-Ray disc on the IS01 through Aquos Blu-Ray transport. Chuck in WiFi b/g and Bluetooth, a standard FM transmitter and 4GB of internal memory and we think this device is pretty unusual and interesting while offering the staples that we have come to expect thus far in our smartphone.

[Via Akihabaranews]

James Tromans
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