Ever since the epic failure of the Nexus 3’s leaked photos, I’ve started to take “leak” stories and tips with a very, very big lump of table salt. I was not the only disappointed soul, you know.

Just as the buzz about that story begins to die down, another leak image arrives on virtual newsstands. This time, it’s of an Android smartphone for AT&T, made by Sharp, and headed for North America.

Just this week, the Unwired View team received a leak photo of the smartphone, which actually looks very similar to Samsung’s Sidekick 4G. This leaked kicker, of course, is from Sharp. Unwired View assured readers that the source of the leak is a reliable one.

Unwired View’s tipster gave sparse details about the phone’s specs, except that it’s going to run Android, will sport a 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen, will hook up to AT&T’s GSM/WCDMA network (850/1900 UMTS), has GPS and Wi-Fi, and can capture photos through a rear camera. It also comes with a full, slider QWERTY keyboard–but only having 4 rows minus the corner keys. Samsung’s Sidekick 4G has 5 rows of keys.

If this Sidekick look-alike ever hits the light of day on AT&T, it will surely appeal strongly to those who want a new phone under the network.

Right now, no price, Android version, release date, or technical specs have been revealed.

In my case, I will suspend my belief until AT&T or Sharp officially announces this phone and hope that this won’t be another epic fail like the Nexus 3. What are your gut feelings about this latest leak?

Source: Unwired View