We’ve already seen a lot of Android apps that are really cool. These apps are the ones that make our Android devices different from feature phones (also called basic phones). These apps make our Android smartphones powerful. Today, you will know more about a fascinating and powerful app useful for people who love traveling and taking pictures.

Pictour is yet another Android app that helps you manage your pictures. This is not like your average picture manager, since this app specializes in travel pictures.

The app is very helpful when it comes to managing photos you took from your travels. Pictour makes it easy to share your travel photos to friends and loved ones. The app lets you share pictures through Facebook or Twitter.

One of the cool features of the app is the one where pictures are grouped according to the location where they were taken. It even shows a map of the exact location where the photo was snapped. This app is truly meant for people who love to travel.

The great features of this app do not end there. The app stores your photos in the cloud. After you capture photos, they will be saved directly to Pictour’s servers. This will guarantee you that all your precious travel pictures will be safe. You can also access your travel photos on the Pictour.us website.

To give you a taste of how this app works, let’s run through some of its features.

Creating a Tour

A tour is like an album in a regular picture gallery. A Tour (album) is a group of pictures you’ve captured at a certain location.

To create a Tour, you will have to launch the Pictour app and login using your Pictour ID. If this is your first time to open the app, most likely you don’t have a Pictour ID yet. You need not worry, though, because you can easily setup an account within the app and it’s free.

Once you’re logged in, you can see icons or tabs at the bottom of the screen. Tap on New Tour in order to start or create a new one. The app will then ask you to specify a title and then that’s it–you can already begin adding photos. When you snap a photo, it will be uploaded to the server and saved under the title you chose, plus it will also be accompanied by a snapshot of the map where the photo was captured. You will even be notified via email once a photo has been successfully uploaded.

Downloading Photos

Since photos are uploaded to the server over the web, you have to download a copy of these pictures if you want to view them locally.

From the icons at the bottom of the Pictour app, choose Featured. And after selecting Featured, you will be brought to a screen where you see a list of Tours.

From there, tap on the Tour you want to download and it will enable you to download that selected tour. The downloaded tour will be in PDF format, an easy way to share these photos to friends. This Tour will also be saved in the Pictour folder on your phone’s SD card.

Sharing Photos

As mentioned earlier, you can easily share photos over the popular networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Just go to the Featured screen to see a list of Tours. Then, select which Tour you’d like to explore. Then, choose the photo you’d like to share. Finally, tap on Menu > Share in order to share the photo to your social network. It’s that easy.

Those are just some of the highlights of what Pictour can offer. For more details on how the app works, you can go ahead and download Pictour from the Android Market.