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Report: Nexus 6 may be Shamu, a 5.9-inch device built by Motorola

We are learning a rumor that Motorola may be building the next Nexus phone, known now as a 5.9-inch device named Shamu. This means the Nexus 6 could truly be a 6-inch device after all.
July 27, 2014
Google Nexus 5 black aa 13

With the introduction of the Android Silver project, some were starting to believe that the Nexus program might be headed for an end. While that was recently refuted by a Google employee, we have since seen rumor of a new Nexus tablet and are now seeing rumor of a 5.9-inch device, code named Shamu, that may just be the next Nexus phone.

As the evolution of the Nexus line goes, there has been what seemed a silly idea that the Nexus 6 would, in-fact, be a 6-inch device. If the rumors are accurate, this new Motorola built 5.9-inch device may just fit that bill.

This rumor is credit to Android Police, who have reportedly obtained proof of the new device from an unnamed source familiar with the project. All we have at this time is the code name – Shamu, which is consistent with past aquatic naming schemes for Nexus devices – an unspecified 5.9-inch display and the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner. This supposed device is slated for a November release.


If the rumors are true, we are in for an exciting season of Nexus devices. The suspected new Nexus tablet would be the 9-inch HTC Volantis, and this supposed 6-inch Motorola phone could land as the Nexus 6. Both to come loaded with the latest version of the Android operating system, which is currently known as Android L.

An avid reader managed to find a possible reference to the new Shamu device in the Google issues tracker. The issue relates to an SSL protocol error as it exists on a device with build number “asop_shamu-userdebug L…” Check it out at the original issues page if you would like more details.

Do keep in mind that there is very little info out there for this Motorola device. We’ll be keeping tabs on this, in hopes of learning more before things get official later this fall. Certainly, with LG denying they have the next Nexus phone in the works, it is plausible that Motorola could be on deck.

With very few popular devices out there at the 6-inch range, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, what do you think of the idea of Google launching a 5.9-inch Nexus phone?