shadowgun deadzone

Madfinger Games, the developer behind hit Android titles such as Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, is back at it with Shadowgun: Deadzone. The much awaited multiplayer third-person shooter is a spin-off of Shadowgun (which was single player only) rather than a sequel, as the title might let you believe.

Shadowgun: Deadzone is now available in the Play Store as a public beta, open for any device powered by a Tegra 3 chip. Given the rise in popularity of Nvidia’s silicon, you will have no problems finding partners for a quick deathmatch. Currently, popular devices that run on Tegra 3 include the Nexus 7, Asus’s Transformer lineup, and the global variant of the HTC One X.

As you would expect from a free beta, Deadzone does suffer from its share of bugs, so don’t be too quick to give it a bad review if you hit any snags. The developers are especially keen to solve connection and latency issues, which can make or break a multiplayer title.

Shadowgun: Deadzone will feature eight playable characters, several game modes and a diverse arsenal of weapons. If you are eager to give it a run, head over to the source link or just watch the trailer below.

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