You don’t see very often Android gamers getting excited over beta releases, but when Madfinger’s s Shadowgun spin-off, DeadZone, hit public beta, everyone wanted a piece of it.

And no wonder, considering the original Shadowgun’s success, but also Dead Trigger’s appeal, another Madfinger game, and DeadZone’s release as a freemium title. Now DeadZone is finally leaving beta, meaning that even third-person shooter fanatics that avoided it before being scared of bugs can get in on the fun.

The new game is still available for free in Google Play, although some in-app purchases are there to “enrich the experience”. Madfinger’s CEO ensured gamers that these “have nothing to do with a Pay to Win system” and that “neither IAP (in-app purchases) nor the premium account gives you any advantages in gameplay”. Is it really so? We’re going to leave that up to you, but, according to some, not exactly.

Still, even if the purchases might bug you a bit, the brand new multiplayer mode will surely make you forget about that (and maybe even your “real lives” altogether). That allows up to 12 players to battle it out at the same time with 10 different characters and also lets you communicate with your buds (or enemies) through voice chat.

A bunch of new control elements, a wide ranging arsenal consisting of assault rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers and many more, but especially the improved mind-blowing visuals are other highlights of Shadowgun: DeadZone that guarantee you’ll have loads of fun with it.

Just remember, this is a visually complex game, meaning that it will only work on relatively new Android devices (Honeycomb or up and at least 512 MB of RAM are musts). Enjoy!

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