Motorola Moto G press 9

French mobile operator SFR has announced plans to carry the Moto G soon after Motorola unveiled its new, ultra-affordable, Android smartphone.

According to a short post on its blog, the Moto G will launch on November 16 with the carrier, although pricing details aren’t available at this time.

However, SFR was able to confirm that it will stock the 16GB Moto G version, which is the more expensive model.

In the USA, the Moto G will sell for $179 (8GB model) and $199 (16GB model). These are off-contract prices for the Moto G, and we expect European prices to be somewhat similar.

A few days ago, a Moto G listing on Amazon UK revealed that the 16GB model had a £159.99 pricing. That’s translates to about $255 or €190.

Since SFR is getting the phone on November 19, we can only imagine that other carriers will also launch the handset around the same time. The first launch wave includes various markets, as follows: Brazil, UK, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, Canada, Peurto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, France, Peru, Chile, Honk Kong, Netherlands and Singapore.

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