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Several Sony Playstation Mobile titles revealed: Super Crate Box, Samurai Beatdown, and more

August 20, 2012

To follow up on our report on Sony’s new mobile gaming service, the Sony Playstation Mobile, we now have details of the titles that gamers can expect to spend countless hours on when the service gets its reboot this fall.

The games that have been confirmed to arrive on Playstation Mobile are Tractor Trails, Twist Pilot, Tipper, Aqua Kitty, Beat Slider, Passing Time and Flick Honey. Then there’s Super Crate Box, Samurai Beatdown, Panic and Underline to complete the list. This is just a fraction of the 30 expected titles that will initially be available on Playstation Mobile.

Super Crate Box

See the Super Crate Box screenshot above? The Verge has an interesting piece on why game developers – such as Vlambeer, the mind behind Super Crate Box – are pretty excited about the platform. Rami Ismail, one of two men who run the company, revealed their initial reluctance to bring their games to Android. “We always thought of Android as a minefield, “he said. It would be next to impossible for two people to provide support for a hundred and more Android devices when it comes to game compatibility.

The Playstation Mobile, and the provided SDK by Sony, changed all that as it solves the issue of having to code for so many Android devices. For now, Playstation Mobile will only run on Sony phones, select HTC and Asus devices, as well as the PS Vita.

Sony is stepping outside its comfort zone by licensing Playstation Mobile to third-party manufacturers. If the above is any indication, it’s likely that more developers will show their support for the service. Once it scores some more exclusive titles, it will give Sony’s handsets – and others certified to run Playstation Mobile – an edge over competing brands, which can hopefully translate into better sales.