HTC 10 Sense Feature Focus-10

HTC’s Sense is a fairly well-loved skin for the Android operating system. The only downside is that it has previously only been available on HTC devices. However, last week saw HTC rolling out email invitations to give Sense Home 8 a spin on their non-HTC smartphones. As of today, the beta is formally underway. Presumably once the beta is completed, Sense Home 8 will be made publicly available for all those who want this slick UI to be a part of their daily Android experience.

For the beta, users were told that they would need compatible devices running Android 4.4 or newer.  If this requirement holds true once non-HTC Sense 8 Home leaves beta, then that means even many users still running KitKat will be able to take advantage of the clean, smooth launcher that came stock with the HTC 10.

One of the hallmarks of Sense Home 8 is its “freestyle layouts” feature. With freestyle layouts, users are given an impressive degree of control over how their home screen appears. Since customization is one of the main selling points of the Android OS at large, we wouldn’t be surprised if this launcher gets a decent adoption outside the HTC family upon release.

What are your thoughts regarding Sense 8 Home making its way to non-HTC devices? Would you consider switching from your current launcher? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Also, if you’re a part of the beta, let us know what device you’re testing it out on!

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