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Combine music and light with Sengled Pulse Smart Bulbs for $26.99

Combine your music and your lights with Sengled Pulse Smart Bulbs. Two-packs retail for $100, but they're yours for $26.99.
October 21, 2019

How many lightbulbs does it take to get the party started? When it’s the Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb, just one.

Let’s be honest, you never thought that a speaker-lightbulb combo would be something you need. The Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb aims to change that notion with a two-pack for just $26.99.

The more you think about a smart bulb, the cooler the idea gets. There’s no battery to worry about charging and no speaker to accidentally knock over. Just plug the master Sengled Pulse into a lightbulb socket and connect with Bluetooth to get started. The master bulb can connect with up to seven more satellites to fill your whole house with sound.

Powered by a bold 13-watt JBL speaker.

You could worry about the idea that combining a lightbulb and a speaker would result in a tradeoff, but not with the Sengled Pulse. The JBL speakers already sound great and recessed lights only amplify the atmosphere.

Everything is controlled right in the palm of your hand from the Sengled app. You can adjust the lights and the volume independently of each other. If you want to set the equalizers for even more control, that’s in the app too!

sengled pulse bulbs

Sengled Pulse Smart Bulb highlights:

  • Connect up to eight bulbs without wires or remotes.
  • Enjoy the energy savings that come with LED bulbs.
  • Forget about recharging with up to 25,000 hours of life.
  • Control light and sound from an app.

You can take your choice between white bulbs and red ones to match your home perfectly. The bulbs are a one-two punch when it comes to entertaining. You save money on the bulbs and your electric bill since they’re LEDs.

A two-pack retails at $99.99 but this is an opportunity to grab them for only $26.99. You can connect up to eight Sengled Pulse bulbs at a time, so you can pick up practically a full set for the price of just two bulbs.

This significant price drop is only temporary, so click the button and start the party.

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