HTC recently announced its partnership with the cloud storage company Dropbox. With this partnership all new Android HTC smartphones will come preinstalled with the Dropbox app. And, not just that, owners will also get an additional 3 GB free for a whole year.

This deal will pretty much bump up your Dropbox storage space to 5 GB if you already have the free 2 GB upon signing up as a free user.  One of Phandroid‘s readers has confirmed the add-on 3 GB on top of his existing free 2 GB of storage on Dropbox after installing the Dropbox app on his HTC Rezound.

Now, existing HTC user may now be asking if they can avail of this deal with their existing Android devices. There’s been no official answer coming from HTC about this matter, but there are HTC users who did get the extra 3 GB storage right after they installed the Dropbox app on their devices. If you visit HTC Facebook fan page you will be able to see some comments from users who were happy to get their 3 GB additional space after installing Dropbox on their Android devices.

Dropbox is known to be a dependable companion when it comes to storing important files over the Web.  And, probably many of you have already experienced Dropbox’s referral program that would get you additional storage space on the cloud if you refer your friends.  The referral program could potentially bring you more storage space beyond the free 2 GB and the additional 3 GB from HTC (which expires after a year).

This partnership between HTC and Dropbox is indeed a good deal for Android users. HTC also makes smartphones that run Windows Phone, and those phones come with Skydrive, which offers more cloud storage.

Overall, having that additional 3 GB is a fairly good deal. That extra space in the cloud can surely help in a handful of ways.  What cloud-based storage app do you use on your Android device?