Here’s one clever little application that will fire up your social-media sharing obsession. Seedair +3 is relatively a new location-based media service specifically made for mobile tech junkies. Seedair +3 is basically a sharing application that lets you geo-tag photos, share ideas, thoughts, and emotions to other app users near your vicinity.

But, before you head out and share your emotions on the air, you need to have a Seedair +3 account to get you started. Creating a new account is absolutely free of charge and can be created when you launch the app.

After logging in your credentials, you’ll be greeted with the app’s homescreen. Seedair +3 will automatically track your current location via GPS and prompt you to select your visibility status for anyone to see.

On the app’s main menu, you are presented with five different options to begin your day with Seedair +3. If you want to share important stuff, all you need to do is tap the Create Airsign option. Here, you can compose messages and attach media related to your message. Basically, Airsigns are just the same as posting Facebook updates but with an innovative twist.

To share, just hit Publish to begin sharing your Airsign with other Seedair +3 users near your location. A bubble message icon will show up on Google Maps informing other Seedair +3 users of the important updates or happenings in that area. You can also browse any part of the map to explore areas where other users have left Airsigns.

On the other hand, tapping the Mainpinwall on the app’s homescreen will list all the activities on the Seedair +3 network in chronological fashion. Here, you can check all the likes and comments that you have received from all of your posted Airsigns. You can also jump to other Seedair +3 user profiles by simply tapping the button found on the top-right of the screen.

Users can filter messages, photos, and other starred content by selecting the Tubeview icon on the app’s main interface. Seedair +3 keeps a list of personal messages and notifications via the Mailbox icon found on the app’s main homescreen.

Similar to Facebook, Seedair+3 lets you befriend other Seedair+3 users and explore the content that they have geo-tagged and shared over the air. You can also send friend requests to other users and expand your circle of friends to stay connected.

Overall, Seedair +3 is still in its early stages, slowly growing and reaching out to social-media people from around the world. The only downside of the app is the few users it has in its database, making it hard to find people who are also using this service.

Seedair +3 is an innovative geo-tagging social media app that will surely feed you with detailed information and updates from your close friends, not to mention knowing the exact location where an event is happening. Seedair +3 is absolutely free to download from the Google Play Store.